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How To Remove Bedbugs From Your Carpet

If bedbugs only infested your bed, that would make cleanup a lot easier. Unfortunately, to thoroughly remove bedbugs from your house, you need to clean everything from your furniture to your walls to your floor. If you have carpets in your home or apartment, this can make the cleaning process tricky; it's hard to get inside the carpet to make sure all the bugs are removed. However, you don't need industrial-grade equipment to do a proper job.

Before You Vacuum

A vacuuming job can clean your carpet properly, but there are preparations you need to make first. Your carpet should be one of the very last things you clean, so before you do so, move everything else that you can out of the room. This gives you easier access to the carpet, and removes the risk that bedbugs will just hop back down to the carpet from other furniture once you're done (or vice versa).

For the first step in the vacuuming process you can use a normal vacuum, but make sure it's one that uses bags. This lets you empty the vacuum without risking any bedbugs getting out. You will also need a bag of diatomaceous earth. Spread the diatomaceous earth over your carpet; it doesn't need to be heavy, but try to make sure it's spread equally and from wall to wall. It may help to use a pesticide duster to help you spread it. This helps kill the bugs, both as it falls on your carpet and as you vacuum it up. Wear a protective dust mask while doing this to prevent inhalation.

Vacuuming The Carpets

Once your carpet is clear and prepped, start by taking your bagged vacuum and slowly vacuuming from wall to wall of your room. Slow and steady is the best method. If you want to be extra thorough, take your vacuum outside and replace the bag once you finish, then vacuum the room again a second time. It's important to take the vacuum outside while you switch bags to remove the risk that any bedbugs will get back into your room. When you're finished with the room, immediately move the vacuum outside.

Next, take a carpet shampooer and thoroughly shampoo and rinse your carpets. This is another slow job; expect it to take longer than using the first vacuum, but you should only need one pass around your room for it to work.

Set up a fan or two to promote air circulation, open a few windows and let your carpet dry. Once the carpet is dry and you are sure everything else you own has been cleaned of bedbugs, you can move everything back in. For assistance, talk to a professional like Paramount Exterminating Co.