Understanding Ant Removal Methods

DIY Pest Control For Your Home

No matter the time of year, it seems like there are always pests trying to find their way into your home. It's no secret that professional pest control companies work wonders keeping most pesky critters at bay. However, if you are looking for easy, DIY ways to contain the worst offenders between visits from a company like Xtermco Inc, try using the methods listed below!

House Flies

Flies may be one of the most annoying insects you'll come across in your lifetime. They buzz around your face like it's going out of style. They are often too quick to catch and kill! If you live in an area where flies are an extreme nuisance, you can stop flies in their tracks with a little bit of soapy water in a spray bottle. Hose them down when you see them, and before too long, they'll be gone! The soapy water kills them, which is much easier than swatting at them around the clock.


Mosquitoes are the worst of the worst! Not only are they sneaky, but they leave behind a bite that can itch for weeks. If you are seeing a sudden influx of mosquitoes or live in a particularly damp climate, start by replacing your exterior light bulbs with orange or yellow light bulbs. Mosquitoes aren't attracted to this color of light, so that will keep from flocking to your doorways and windows.

Along with citronella, mosquitoes also dislike the fragrance that comes from lemongrass and rosemary. Planting these around your home is another line of defense you can put in place to repel mosquitoes. They are most affected by the scent that is put off when lemon grass and rosemary leaves are crushed. If you are planning a gathering outside, simply snip off a few leaves, crush them up and set them around your outside meeting area.


Ants may be the most relentless when it comes to finding a way into your home. Their instinct to persevere and follow the scent of food is off the charts. Diatomaceous earth is an effective agent when it comes to fighting tough insects. Using a food-grade diatomaceous earth is a safe alternative to keeping chemical laden pest control substances in your home.

Diatomaceous earth works by lacerating insects who cross its path. Leave a thin trail of this powdery substance around known ant paths to stop ants from finding their way into your home.

Don't let pests rule your life. Let professional pest control companies take care of the most harmful pests with regular treatments, while you keep the day to day bugs from finding their way into your home. With a few safe alternatives, you can keep flies, mosquitoes and ants from getting too cozy in all the spaces you like to be the most.