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Your Guide To Controlling Gnats In Your Bakery Displays

From freshly glazed donuts to sweet breads and muffins, the displays and showcases of your bakery are an all-out smorgasbord buffet for pests. While you may be able to control insects that try to make their way into your bakery displays on foot, controlling flying insects, such as gnats, is a totally different story. Even if your opening displays are only opened by employees, there is a good chance you will see gnats make their way inside faster than you can swat the critters away. Here is your guide to eliminating problems with gnats in your bakery displays.

Create an Air-Tight Seal

The wonderful aromas of freshly-baked goods that waft out into the air from your bakery are not just attractive to potential customers, but just about any gnat or fly close enough to catch a whiff. Gnats are naturally drawn to sweet and sugary foods. If you have a showcase or display filled with yummy and fragrant foods, you have to make sure there is no way for these flying insects to make their way inside. Make sure your displays are sealed air-tight with rubber flaps where the doors meet and avoid leaving the doors open for long periods of time.

Clean Consistently and Thoroughly

Gnats are attracted to fresh bakery goods, but they are even more fascinated with left behind sugars that have been hanging around for a while. To help eliminate gnat problems in your showcases, make sure the trays holding your product are changed out regularly. Furthermore, you should give the display a good cleaning at the end of every day, paying close attention to any bits of dried icing or sprinkles that may have fallen into cracks and crevices. The cleaner your displays and showcases are, the less attractive they will be to gnats hovering in the area.

Get Creative About Pest Control

When it comes to pest control around consumer food, you may think that there is little you can do. It is true that spraying chemicals in displays where fresh, ready-to-eat food is out of the question. However, this does not mean that professional pest control cannot help just the same. Glue traps around the lights of the displays are one example of effective pest control. These emit no odor and harbor no chemicals, but will help trap any gnat or flying insect that does make its way inside one of your showcases.

As a bakery owner, you know how important it is to keep pests out of your business. Your bakery displays are the centerpiece of your store and must be kept free of flying insects and gnats. After all, no one will want to buy fresh food from a display that is also home to visible pests. To learn more, visit Boris Pest Control