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How To Keep Flies From Bugging You In Your Home

One thing that can keep you from being comfortable in your own home is having a fly chase you around. Not only are flies dirty little creatures, but they are also relentless. They don't mind zooming in and out of your personal space for hours on end, and you can forget eating in peace if there is a fly nearby. If you are having trouble with flies coming in your home, you want to try the tips below to keep them out:

Check your screens

Make sure all of your screens fit tightly around the windows and don't have any rips or tears. If you don't have a screen door, you may want to invest in one.

Use a baggie and a penny

One method for keeping flies out that's gaining quite a bit of popularity is to use a baggie of water and a penny. To use this method, you will put some water into a plastic sandwich baggie and drop a penny in it. Close the baggie tightly and suspend it from your doorway by a piece of string. The thought behind why this method works is the flies see a bunch of reflections from the penny reflecting off the water, due to the design of their eyes, and decide to stay away.

Use fly tape

You can hang fly tape near your windows and doors where the flies are getting in. The fly tape has a substance on it that flies are drawn to. When they go to land on the tape, they get stuck and aren't able to free themselves.

Use repellent candles

There are repellent candles that let off a scent that chases many types of pests away. If you tend to have a lot of problems with flies coming in, then you may want to invest in a few of these candles and light them round your home. Make sure you purchase ones for indoor use and with a smell you find pleasant.

Have fun with a fly zapper

If you find you sometimes get bored, you may want to get a fly zapper and go on the hunt. A fly zapper is shaped like a tennis racket and it has a zapping element in the center of it. You use it to smack the flies and it zaps them, making a zapping noise and offering a small spark of light. This is a fun way to effectively get rid of the flies in your home.

If you are having serious issues with flies, you may want to call a local pest control company, such as Garrie Pest Control.