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Are Mice Really Dangerous?

People have many different reactions to mice in the house. Some people think they are cute and go to great lengths to trap them and release them in a field. Others will leap onto chairs and call for someone to immediately gun down them down. Obviously, mice are not going to attack you and chew off a body part, but they are dangerous in their own way. If you have mice in your home, you need to get them out.


Mouse urine is present in 82% of all homes, and in 35% of them, the level could trigger allergies. Mouse droppings are also allergy triggers. In fact, as many people are allergic to mouse droppings as there are people allergic to mold and dust. These allergens can trigger respiratory problems in both children and adults.


Mice can carry a number of diseases, including leptospirosis, encephalomyocarditis, pseudorabies, salmonellosis, and swine dysentery. These diseases are passed to humans through mouse urine and excrement. In a single week, two mice can leave behind 1,000 droppings. If you see one mouse, you can count on plenty more being around. A single female mouse begins having litters of "pups" when she is two months old and has about 100 babies per year. If you have mice in the house, you cannot possibly avoid their waste.

Extermination or Evacuation

You can try getting rid of mice yourself by blocking off the places where they are entering your home. You can also keep your food and your pet's food where they cannot possibly get to it. You may want to invest in humane traps that will capture the mice without killing them. However, If you cannot contain the problem yourself, you need to call a professional. When your home is infested with mice, they are sharing your furniture, your carpet, your walls, and possibly your bedding. They are bad for your health, so consulting an expert in pest control is often a necessary step.

You could handle one mouse in the house, but they never travel alone. Many more would be hiding, gnawing, and relieving themselves all over your home. Cleaning up after them is unpleasant and time consuming, but the diseases they carry are the real problem. In addition, they can cause respiratory issues for you and your family. You have several choices when it comes to your mouse problem, but ignoring it is not one of them. Get the mouse out of the house. Contact a company like Select Pest Control for more information.