Understanding Ant Removal Methods

3 Common Summer Pests To Be On The Lookout For

Summer time brings sunshine and fun, but it can also bring out pests. There are a number of pests that are more common in the summertime, and you should know what they are so that you can prevent them from taking over your home or yard or get rid of them if they have already infiltrated your home.


Ant problems are common during the summer months, and if you leave your doors open or have any cracks or holes in your walls, you might quickly find your home overrun by ants. Most ant species are harmless and won't bite you, but that doesn't mean that they aren't annoying and frustrating to deal with. If you are having ant problems, ensure that you clean any morsels of food off counters and out of cupboards.  Vacuum, disinfect, and wipe down areas inside your home that might have any sticky food residue or crumbs. To prevent ants from getting into your home, seal up any cracks and holes that you find around your home and kill any nests that you find near your home.


When it starts to get warm out, mosquitos start to breed and take over. This type of pest usually won't be found indoors, but you will find them in your back or front yard. Mosquitos are attracted to standing water, where they lay their eggs, so if you have a pool, pond, bird bath, or water leaks that cause pooling water you are offering mosquitos a perfect breeding ground. If mosquitos don't have standing water, they will find somewhere else to breed and lay their eggs and not be a bothersome pest in your yard. If you notice a large amount of mosquitos in your yard, do your best to eliminate any standing water and see if that solves your problem.


Cockroaches love warm and humid temperatures, which makes them especially problematic during the summer months, especially if your home doesn't have central air. Cockroaches are attracted to a number of different things for food, including things like glue on postage stamps or in books, which makes them hard to starve out. If you see a roach in your home, your best bet is to ensure that you don't leave any food crumbs or water out in the open, and then use a gel bait to try and kill them. If you have tried this and you are still seeing roaches, you need to call in a professional. 

If you are a dealing with a summer pest infestation and you can't handle the problem on your own, contact a local pest control company to come and rid your home of pests for you.