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Tired Of Drywood Termite Droppings In Your Home? Here Is What You Should Do

Drywood termites don't need a lot to survive. They are designed in such a way that they can find all the water, food and shelter they need to survive in your furniture. They also rarely leave their nests. This makes it hard to not only detect their presence, but also get rid of them.

The most common way through which homeowners can tell that they have infested a home is through the droppings that they leave behind. These droppings usually create a mess in a home. And while the mounds are usually dry and thus easy to sweep away, the fact that you have to do this for as long as the drywood termites choose to stay in your furniture can be quite irritating. Completely rid getting of the termites is the only reliable way through which you can stop them from not only making a mess in your home, but also destroying your furniture.

The challenge of getting rid of drywood termites

Since drywood termites can survive in not-so-moist conditions, getting rid of damp conditions around your furniture will do little so far as killing them is concerned. Reaching them is also a problem since they not only stay deep in your furniture, but also seal the hole that they use as an entrance. This, in addition to the fact that most chemicals in pesticides can damage your furniture makes the process of eliminating the drywood termites quite challenging.

Use the temperature-change method of eliminating drywood termites

Although drywood termites are tolerant, there are conditions that their bodies can't handle. One of these is extreme heat. Beyond certain temperatures, the termites can't survive. Using heat treatment is thus something that you should consider when having a drywood termite problem.

All that it takes is the use of enclosed heat chambers. Enclosing your furniture in the chambers for a couple of hours kills the termites and thus puts a stop to the infestation. What is even better with this method is that you don't have to destroy your furniture when getting rid of the termites. The heat from the specialized enclosed chambers usually permeates the wood with ease, killing the termites while still deep in the furniture.

However, if you have furniture that is extremely sensitive to heat, heat treatment may not be for you. In such cases, trying out cold termite eradication treatments is advisable. The extreme drops caused by the refrigeration chambers used in the process are usually able to kill the drywood termites without damaging heat-sensitive furniture. To learn more, contact a company like Hilo Termite and Pest Control.