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Keeping Termites From Destroying Your Home's Wooden Structure

If you just purchased a home and discovered from a neighbor that there are termites present in the soil of nearby properties, you are most likely concerned about them getting on your own land and destroying your investment. There are several steps you can take to try thwarting a possible termite invasion. Here are some preventative measures to take in keeping termites from becoming a problem when they are known to be present nearby.

Call A Pest Control Service For An Evaluation

The best way to protect your home from a potential termite problem is by having a professional pest control service like E & R Exterminating Company, Inc. come to your property to do an assessment of your home and its resting area. They will conduct tests to determine if there are termites already living in your soil or if they had made their way to your house. If so, they will then take the necessary measures in eliminating them in their entirety before they have a chance to do damage to your home in any way.

Set Up Bait Traps To Aid In Termite Elimination

Placing traps throughout your property will be extremely helpful in keeping termites from multiplying and causing havoc to your home. These hollowed out containers have a spot to place termite bait inside, are constructed from thick plastic, and are inserted directly into the soil. The top portion will allow you to place bait in the tubules whenever you wish. The bottom portion has small holes throughout the plastic, allowing termites to get inside to grab food when they desire. They will then take this poisoned food back to their nesting areas to share with others. The termites will then perish from the baited food, stopping their life cycle as a result.

Add Beneficial Nematodes To Your Grounds

If you want to increase the chances of termites being eliminated on your property, the addition of beneficial nematodes will be an effective measure in accomplishing this task. These small, worm-like critters are purchased from a gardening supply store or via online services. They can be sprinkled around your home and will pose no threat to your vegetation. They are also not harmful to people or animals. The nematodes will burrow down into the soil and eat any termites they discover. This is a great way to reduce termite numbers in an organic method, as there are no chemicals being used to treat the property with their usage.