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Pest Control Tips for Eliminating Scorpions From Your High-Desert Property

When you choose to live in the high-desert, then it's a given that you will have to contend with spiders, ticks, and scorpions living on your property. While each of these things are classified as pests by humans, they do all serve useful functions as part of the greater ecosystem.

Although scorpions are valuable for the ecosystem, their sting is toxic to humans. While it isn't generally fatal, a scorpion sting is painful and something to be avoided. 

To lessen the chances you or your family members will be stung by a scorpion, it's a good idea to proactively rid your high-desert property of as many of them as possible. To do so, follow each of these helpful pest control tips.

Know How to Identify Scorpions Found in the United States

If you have only seen scorpion species on television, then you may not realize scorpions found in the United States come in a variety of colors from light yellow to dark brown or black.

While all scorpion species have the same shape and stinging tails, some of the smaller and lighter-colored species can be hard to spot unless you have seen them before.

Look for Scorpions at Night With a UV Light

If you look around your property in the daytime, you likely won't see any scorpions. However, while it may seem weird, scorpions have a substance in their exoskeletons that prevents them from getting sunburned that happens to glow under UV light.

So, if you take a UV light outside at night and shine it on the ground and under rocks, the chances are excellent you will easily find scorpions. Looking for scorpions at night with a UV light is actually the easiest way to scan your property to determine how big their population really is. 

Eliminate the Favorite Hiding Places of Scorpions in Your Yard

Scorpions like to hide in woodpiles, leaf litter, landscaping rocks, and around fallen logs. By keeping your firewood up off the ground and keeping logs, rocks, and fallen leaves off of the ground around your home, it will go a long way towards encouraging the scorpions to go make their homes elsewhere.

Enlist the Help of a Pest Control Service

Pest control services are familiar with high-desert pests such as scorpions and have very effective ways of ridding your yard of them. If you struggle to control these stinging pests, then bringing in a professional will quickly rectify the situation.