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Rats In Your Apartment? What You Will Need To Do

Rats are scary pests that can carry disease and can be a danger to you and anyone else in your home. If you have rats and you live in an apartment, they can be a major nuisance as they could be in other neighboring apartments as well. Your first phone call should be to your apartment landlord or the leasing company that manages the apartment that you live in. They are usually the ones that contact a pest control company for help, but if your landlord isn't doing anything about your rodent problem, you should make the call yourself. In the meantime, there are things you can do to help protect yourself against these pests. Read on for helpful information about rat control.

1. Sweep Often

Sweep your floors often to remove crumbs and other food debris that may have fallen to the floor or been carried from your feet into other areas of your home. Sweep your floors daily and after meals to remove these crumbs and food particles that rats and other rodents will be attracted to. If you take away the rodents' food, there's hope that they won't come back to your apartment looking for anything to eat.

2. Seal Your Apartment

Rats can get in through the ventilation system, but they may also climb into your home through a broken window or a broken door frame. If you have anything around your apartment that is broken, make sure it's repaired. Get ahold of your landlord and ask about having these repairs done for you, hire someone yourself, or make the repairs yourself if you're handy with tools and can handle these types of repairs.

3. Set Traps

Setting your own traps can be helpful in getting rid of rats. Set the traps around your apartment where you have either spotted the rats themselves or where you may have seen the droppings. If you catch a rat, dispose of it properly after you are sure it is dead, then reset the trap with new rat bait. There are a number of different bait options you can use, but peanut butter is one of the best baits as it takes the rat awhile to eat the peanut butter, which means there's a better chance of catching the rat in your trap.

Rats are scary and dangerous pests that can cause harm to you and your family if you aren't careful. Call a pest control company if you've spotted rats in your apartment to prevent the problem from worsening.