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Roach Removal In Commercial Buildings

Roaches can be a major pest in some areas. Although often associated with filthy homes and apartments, even relatively well-maintained and clean office buildings can become infested with these pests. Fortunately, there is help if you spot roaches in your commercial building.

Why Roaches Move In

Roaches require three things in a building that they infest — shelter, food, and water. Shelter is a given in most buildings, as roaches can easily find areas in walls, ceilings, and floorboards to nest. Roaches are especially drawn to cardboard for nesting and egg laying, though, so there is a greater chance of infestation if there is a lot of stored cardboard in your building.

Food and water may seem less readily available in a commercial building. Often it comes in the form of crumbs and food left out in offices or break rooms. Failure to clean under break room appliances can also be an attractant. Roaches will also eat cardboard and certain types of glue, so food sources can be less obvious. As for water, this can be found in drains, sinks, or due to leaks in the building.

Signs of an Infestation

Roaches are most active at night, which means you may not see any roaches during the early days of an infestation since many commercial buildings are empty at night. Instead, you may see what looks like coffee grounds on surfaces or along baseboards. These are roach droppings. Roaches also tend to leave discolored streaks along their main pathways.

As the infestation worsens, dead roaches and molted skins may begin to turn up, particularly in areas under tables and appliances. Paper and boxes may be destroyed as the roaches feed on them as well.

Removal Practices

Removal requires an integrated approach. First and foremost, minimize access to food. Break rooms should be thoroughly cleaned every day. Dry foods must be stored in tightly sealed plastic containers to exclude any roaches. Vacuum offices daily and insist that garbage is removed every single day. Minimize stored cardboard boxes when possible. Plastic crates can be a better option.

Next, call an exterminator. They may recommend the use of bait stations to determine the areas of the building hardest hit by roaches. Depending on the extent of the infestation, they may advise a full building fumigation (which is used for severe infestations), or a monthly spray treatment for less severe issues. Ongoing treatments will likely be necessary to ensure the roaches don't return.

Contact a commercial pest control service if you are having roach issues in your building. For more information, visit a website like https://www.bugbusterssc.net/.