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2 Signs You Have Bedbugs

If you are waking up with little bites, then you might have bedbugs. You can call an exterminator and have them come out and check to see if you do have them and then tell you what your options are. There are other signs that you can look for so that you can identify whether or not you have them. 


You might notice that you have bloodstains on your pillows, blankets, sheets, or mattress. That's because the bedbugs feed on your blood, so they bite you and get some of your blood. When the bedbugs are full, they will leave, and your blood won't clot immediately. Those little bites will leave little blood spots on your bedding. The spots generally aren't huge, because the bites that you get from the bedbugs aren't that big, and so they won't bleed that much. If your bedding isn't a light color, you might not be able to see the spots immediately, but if you do notice that you have bites, you should definitely check on your bedding in the corresponding areas. 


Another sign that you might have bedbugs is that you notice that you have spots on your mattress that look dark or rusty. You will see these spots in places like around the edges of the mattress where the cording runs and in the seams in those areas. You may also see the stains on the walls around your house, especially near your bed or other furniture, since bedbugs will live in your couches, chairs, and even your carpet. The excrement may also show up in your closet since bedbugs will also make their homes in your clothing. You may also see empty eggshells around the places where you see the excrement. They are generally small and pearly white. You will often see them in clusters. The eggs themselves are only about a millimeter long, which is big enough to be visible to the human eye, but having the cluster of them together makes it much easier to find the eggs because they will cover a larger area. 

If you think that you have bedbugs, you need to handle them as soon as possible because they are very easy to spread. They can catch a ride in pillows, stuffed animals, backpacks, and even books. You can spread them around your house and spread them to other homes. Call an exterminator in your area and talk to them about your concerns.