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Methods Your Bed Bug Exterminator Might Recommend When You Spot The Pests In Your Home

You can carry bed bugs home from any public place or from a friend's home, so there is always the potential for an infestation to begin. As such, it's good to call a bed bug exterminator when you suspect you have these pests rather than wait and allow them to multiply. You'll save yourself a lot of itching and embarrassment by getting rid of the bugs early. Here are some methods for eliminating bed bugs.

Identify The Bugs

The first thing the bed bug exterminator needs to do is identify the bugs. There are bugs that look a lot like bed bugs, but they're killed in different ways. If you can kill bugs, such as bat bugs, with pesticides, then you'll save money over more expensive bed bug treatments. Once bed bugs have been confirmed, your exterminator can recommend treatment solutions.

Opt For Heat Treatments

Heat treatments are a popular treatment for bed bugs since they don't use any chemicals and they can kill bugs hidden behind walls and other places in your home. With this method, your entire house is heated to a temperature high enough to kill bed bugs in all stages of life. This is done with the help of commercial heaters and fans.

Heat treatments don't leave residual pesticides behind. As such, you may want to follow the heat with an application of pesticide to help prevent other infestations from developing.

One benefit of heat treatments is that the heat penetrates everything in your home so you don't have to treat your clothing and belongings separately. Another benefit is that the heat is high enough to kill most other bugs too.

Consider Fumigation

In some cases, your bed bug exterminator might recommend fumigation to eliminate a heavy infestation that is spread throughout your home. This involves putting a tarp over your house and filling it with a pesticide mist. You'll need to leave your home for a few days until it's safe to return. The benefit of fumigation is that your entire house is penetrated with the pesticide so there is no safe place for bed bugs or any other pests to hide and survive.

Try Steam Treatments

Steam treatments are also effective on bed bugs due to the high heat involved. Steam is good to use on your mattress and sofa where bed bugs might be burrowed inside since the heat and steam can penetrate the fabric.

An advantage to a steam treatment is that it doesn't use any chemicals so you don't have to worry about pesticides being used in your bedroom. A disadvantage is that the steam has to contact the bugs in order for them to die, so it's possible some bugs could be missed.

Apply Pesticides

If you don't want to pay for heat or fumigation treatments, your bed bug exterminator might treat your bedroom or home with pesticides instead. The drawback is that you could be exposed to pesticides. Plus, pesticides aren't always effective on bed bugs. You'll probably need a few treatments to get rid of the pests in all of their life cycles.

Your bed bug exterminator can help you decide on the right way to deal with your infestation considering how bad the infestation is, how much the bugs have spread around your home, and how much money you're able to spend. Contact a bed bug exterminator for more information.