Understanding Ant Removal Methods

Seeing A Lot Of Ants Inside Your Home? Tips To Get Them Out

Ants will find a way into your home when the weather gets cold or it is very hot outside. Because they are so tiny, they can get into your home through tiny cracks. It can be difficult to get the ants out, but there are things you can do. Keep reading for some tips so your home will be ant-free.

Use Poison

Using poison is the easiest way to get ants out of your home. One type is a gel that you squeeze onto a piece of cardboard. You place the cardboard in areas where you see the ants. The poison you purchase will come with cardboard pieces. 

Ants love the taste of this poison and will be drawn to it. If you have a lot of ants, you will likely see hundreds of them eating the poison. This works great as some of the ants will take the poison back to the nest killing ants there.  You do need to be careful if you have kids or pets as the poison is dangerous for them. This may take a few days if you have a lot of ants. 

Hire a Pest Control Company

If the poison does not work or you do not want to do this on your own a pest control company can help you. They will find the anthill outside and destroy it. They may do this by pouring hot water into the hill. They will then determine how the ants are getting in and seal these areas up. 

The pest control company may also use gel bait to kill the ants. The type of poison they have will be stronger than what you can purchase in a store. The pest control company will inspect the area to find the ant trails and place the baits in these areas. Spraying the ants generally does not work as well because if worker ants are killed, the ant colony will send more ants out into your home making the problem continue. 

If you have a lot of ants the pest control company may want to come back to replace the gel baits. They may also leave extra gel baits with you for you to replace on your own. Ants will quickly eat up all the gel over a few hours in some cases. 

The pest control company can give you information on controlling ants in the future.

For more information on pest control, contact a company near you.