Understanding Ant Removal Methods

Tips For Ant Extermination In Your Kitchen

If annoying ants have taken over your kitchen and are driving you crazy, then you are certainly not alone! One of the most common reasons homeowners call pest control companies is for ant extermination.

One reason ants are hard to control is there are multiple species that get into people's homes and they often outsmart human efforts to stop their relentless attack. 

Before calling a pest control company, there are a few DIY ant control tactics you can try. They are included in these tips:

Tip: Remove the Food or Water The Ants are Gathering

Ants come into your home looking for food or water. Without the presence of either of these things, the ants don't have any reason to come into your kitchen.

By removing the food and water, you force the ants to go forage elsewhere - perhaps at your neighbor's house.

To figure out what they are after, follow the lines of ants. For example, if the ants are marching to a water pipe under your kitchen sink or under the refrigerator, then you may have a water leak to repair. If the ants are marching to your pantry, then figure out what's open that they are feeding on and remove it. While you are at it, wipe off all of the shelves to make sure there aren't any food particles present. 

Tip: Place Ant Bait Along The Existing Ant Trails

Once you have removed the food or water source, the ants will still follow the trails made by previous ants thinking there is something at the end. Use this behavior to your benefit and place ant bait along the trails.

When the ants contact the bait, they are attracted to its sweet ingredients. The ants collect the bait and take it back to their queen. When the queen ingests the bait it kills her. And, when the queen dies, so does the rest of the colony.

You can buy ant bait at any hardware or grocery store. It is simple to use and safe for household pets and children.

Tip: Call a Licensed Ant Exterminator

Lastly, if you have tried the above tips and still have a problem with ants, then it is time to call a licensed ant exterminator and turn over the problem to a professional. Ants can be one of the hardest pest control problems to solve, so sometimes it is necessary to call in an ant control professional and save yourself from the frustration.