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4 Things You Can Do To Help Your Pest Control Company Keep Pests Out Of Your Home

Pest control companies are an important part of keeping your home free from dangerous and destructive pests. Since your home is a major financial investment, it's worth paying for preventative pest control measures to keep termites and rodents away. However, treatments from pest control companies alone may not be enough to keep your home free from pests. There are things you can do to help. Here are four tips for home pest control.

1. Keep Your Home Dry

Repair roof leaks and plumbing drips promptly. Water causes wood in your home to stay damp, and that leads to rot and attracts pests. Termites, roaches, silverfish, and other insects are drawn to damp wood.

You may find an increase in roaches if you have a drip under your kitchen sink, or you may have a termite invasion if a roof leak allows rain to drip between the walls. Repair leaks right away and replace rotted wood when necessary.

2. Keep Clutter To A Minimum

Clutter gives bugs and rodents a place to hide. It can also provide a food source since roaches and silverfish like to gnaw on papers and boxes. Plus, it may be more difficult for your pest control company to apply treatments if there's a lot of clutter in the way.

Having a room devoted to storing clutter could also be a bad idea since rooms that you don't visit very often are quiet and more attractive to spiders and other pests. It's best to keep your home tidy and go in each room frequently to clean and make noise so you don't make your home too comfortable and welcoming for pests.

3. Plug Entry Gaps On Your House

Some pest control companies seal gaps and holes in your home if you can't do it yourself. While this may not keep out all bugs since bugs are so tiny, sealing entry points is a fundamental step in pest control. This can keep out rodents and larger bugs such as roaches. By not making it easy for bugs to crawl in under a door or fly in through a rip in a screen, you can at least reduce the risk of bugs getting in your house.

4. Eliminate The Food Supply For Pests

Some pests eat nearly anything, but human and pet food are two of the main things that attract ants, rodents, roaches, and other pests. Keep food sealed and clean your kitchen daily to eliminate crumbs and food odors. Cover pet food at night when your pet is sleeping and pick up plates with wet dog or cat food as soon as your pet finishes eating.

By controlling food odors in your home and making it hard for pests to get into stored food, you'll eliminate easy meals and make your home less welcoming to pests.