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6 Household Repair and Maintenance Tasks That Can Keep Termites Away

Termites never stop eating — or searching for food sources. Unfortunately, your home is a rich source of termites' favorite food: cellulose, which is found in wood. To deter termites from attacking your home, make sure you carry out the following repair and maintenance tasks as soon as possible.

1. Tree stump removal

You can wait for a tree stump to rot before you remove it, but you risk attracting the attention of termites. Both subterranean and dampwood termites build nests inside dying or dead tree stumps. Remove tree stumps in your yard to prevent termite colonies from moving closer to your home.

2. Dead plant removal

Termites prefer to feed on dead wood since they like to eat the cellulose of dead plants and trees. If your garden is still full of dead plants from previous seasons, remove those plants before they become a feast for roving termite foragers.

3. Gutter repairs and replacement

If your gutters are old and often leak when it rains, this increases the risk that termites might attack your home. Termites tend to avoid tunneling through dry soil if they can. So if your gutters leak and cause the soil near your home to become moist, the soil near your foundation may entice termite workers. If those termites then find a way into your home, they could do a lot of damage.

4. Leaky tap repair inside and outside

A leaky tap outside your home will soak the soil and create a haven for subterranean termites. And a leaky indoor tap will cause wooden components in your home to rot, as well as cause moisture to make its way to the soil around or under your home. Fix outdoor and indoor taps immediately if they show signs of leakage.

5. Leaky AC repair inside and outside

A leaky AC inside your home creates a moist or humid environment, which rots wood and supplies termites with moisture. And the unit outside will leak moisture into the soil if not maintained. Keep on top of these jobs to avoid bringing termites to your doorstep.

6. Poor drainage around the home

Make sure that your garden has sufficient drainage to direct water away from the foundation, especially on rainy days. Always check and ensure that downspouts divert water away from your home. And ensure that the ground slopes away from your foundation to prevent water buildup around the foundation.

Carry out these maintenance and repair tasks when necessary to keep termites away. And if you suspect termites might have already infiltrated your home, call a pest and termite control service today.