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Preventative Pest Control You Can Be Doing At Home

Pests may come into your home looking for food and water at any time throughout the year. You may get lucky and only end up with a minor issue, or you could have a major problem with a number of pests. If you have a problem with pests often, you may need to do some preventative work around your home to help prevent these pest issues and get on top of the problem before you have an issue to begin with. Read on for some preventative pest control work you can be doing to prevent pests in your home.

Clean Up Around Your Home

You need to clean up all around your home—around the perimeter of your home and close to your foundation. You need to clean out flower beds and get rid of dead plants where these pests may be nesting. You also need to remove all dead leaves and piles that are close to your home. Wood piles should also be stacked neatly and away from your home's foundation. You shouldn't have anything piled too closely to your home's foundation, or close to your home at all, as pests can easily get inside your home via these piles.

Keep Your Home's Interior Clean

The interior of your home also needs to be kept clean. Wipe down all surfaces daily, and clean floors by sweeping them daily. Remove crumbs from the floor and remove crumbs and food leftovers from your counters and cooking spaces or food prep areas around your kitchen. You also need to clean out your sink and remove food particles left in the drain. Also, clean out your microwave to remove food splatters.

Fix Leaks

Water leaks can attract all types of pests and damage your home as well. You need to make repairs to your home to get rid of water leaks that you may have. Pests such as termites, carpenter ants, mice, roaches, and ants can all be attracted to water leaks in your home, as they all need water to survive.

If you have a problem with pests often, you need to do what you can to prevent these pests to begin with. You can also hire a pest control company to help you with these preventative tasks and to control the pests that you have already. Call a professional pest control company today to help you with these and other pest control tasks.

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