Understanding Ant Removal Methods

Bats In Your Attic? Hire An Animal Removal Company

If you go into your attic and see bats hanging from the rafters this can be unnerving. They are beneficial to the environment as they keep the insect population under control. You still do not want these bats in your attic because they may cause structural damage. In some states, it is against the law to kill bats. Because of this, hire an animal removal company to remove them instead of doing this yourself. Below is information on how they do this. 

Get Bats Out

The animal removal company may use bat cones to get the bats out of your home. They will first find where they are entering your home. They will then place a bat cone in the opening. This cone is a plastic cone with a cylindrical shape. Once a bat exits through the cone, it cannot get back into your attic through the cone. This is one of the best ways to get them out of your attic. The animal removal company will leave the cone in place for a few days. They will then inspect your attic to ensure all bats are gone. 

A bat flap can also be used if a cone will not work. This device is similar to a cone but instead of a cone the device has a flap. It is placed where the bats are entering the attic. The bats cannot get back into the attic because the flap only swings one way. Bats sleep during the day so they will use the bat flap or bat cone at night to leave your home to look for food.

Prevent Them from Coming Back

Once all the bats are out, the entry area will be patched to prevent the bats from coming back. You cannot leave the bat cone or flap in place forever.  Bats are small and can squeeze through tiny openings. There may be other openings where bats also enter the attic. Some of these openings may be through a damaged chimney or through a vent that you have on your roof. 

If you have roof damage, such as missing shingles or rotting shingles, this is the perfect entrance place for a bat to enter the attic. Hire a roofing contractor to repair your roof for you or install a new roof if your roof is old. 

The animal removal company can give you much more information about removing bats from your attic.