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Are Bed Bugs Dangerous?

No homeowner wants to discover that their home has been infested with bed bugs. However, if you find out that you now have bed bugs, you might wonder if they are dangerous. Bed bugs are a nuisance and you will want to eliminate them from your home, but they also do not spread diseases like other types of pests. 

Bed Bugs Do Not Spread Disease

Despite biting a human host, bed bugs do not usually spread diseases. When biting you, the bed bug might leave behind bite marks and you might also be itchy. Because of the itchiness, you might scratch your body and end up with a skin infection. 

You Might Be Allergic

If you believe that you have bed bugs, it makes sense to be tested for allergies. You might be allergic to bed bugs and might suffer from anaphylaxis.

Bed Bugs Leave Bite Marks Behind

If you aren't sure about whether you are being bitten by bed bugs, look for red and inflamed spots on your body. These are usually found in a small line or in a cluster. You will most often find bed bug bite marks on your arms and legs, neck, and hands. They might also bite your face.

Bed bugs will try to bite areas of your body that they can easily access. If you do not wear a lot of clothing while sleeping, they might bite other areas of your body in addition to your arms, legs, or neck.

Bed Bugs Can Cause a Lot of Stress

Even though bed bugs do not usually spread disease, they can cause a lot of mental stress. You might find it difficult to sleep if you know you might be bitten by bed bugs at night. You might also dislike the marks found throughout your body.

Pest Control Services Can Eliminate Bed Bugs

You don't have to suffer from bed bugs. There are several treatments available that can be effective in eliminating bed bugs from your home. A bed bug control service will perform an inspection of your home and find out if you have bed bugs.

You will not have to get rid of your bed or mattress because the bed bug control service can eliminate bed bugs without the need to eliminate any of your furniture. Once the bed bug control service eliminates the infestation, they will install monitoring devices that can detect bed bugs that might have been missed. If the bed bugs return, the specialist will perform a follow-up treatment.

For more information about bed bug treatment, contact a local pest control company.