How To Remove Bedbugs From Your Carpet

If bedbugs only infested your bed, that would make cleanup a lot easier. Unfortunately, to thoroughly remove bedbugs from your house, you need to clean everything from your furniture to your walls to your floor. If you have carpets in your home or apartment, this can make the cleaning process tricky; it's hard to get inside the carpet to make sure all the bugs are removed. However, you don't need industrial-grade equipment to do a proper job. [Read More]

Enemy Attack: Using Pests' Natural Enemies To Eliminate Them

Farms have lots of cats because cats take care of the dozens of mice and other rodents that cause problems for farmers. It has been a natural form of pest control for centuries. If you are queasy and uneasy about using pesticides, lethal traps and poisons to eliminate your pest problem, consider using their natural enemies instead. Aphids Overrunning Your Garden Ladybug beetles are not only colorful and cute, but they love a good meal of aphids. [Read More]