Hiring A Professional For A Pest Problem

Did seeing a few pests in your home lead to an embarrassing number of pests being seen? If the pest problem has grown to the extent of you making excuses for loved ones not visiting your home, professional help is needed. If the pest problem is not brought under control soon enough, it will only get worse and cause damage to your belongings. For example, if there are mice in your home, their urine can stain furniture, carpet, and clothing. [Read More]

Preventative Pest Control You Can Be Doing At Home

Pests may come into your home looking for food and water at any time throughout the year. You may get lucky and only end up with a minor issue, or you could have a major problem with a number of pests. If you have a problem with pests often, you may need to do some preventative work around your home to help prevent these pest issues and get on top of the problem before you have an issue to begin with. [Read More]

6 Household Repair and Maintenance Tasks That Can Keep Termites Away

Termites never stop eating — or searching for food sources. Unfortunately, your home is a rich source of termites' favorite food: cellulose, which is found in wood. To deter termites from attacking your home, make sure you carry out the following repair and maintenance tasks as soon as possible. 1. Tree stump removal You can wait for a tree stump to rot before you remove it, but you risk attracting the attention of termites. [Read More]

Should You Seek Bedbug Extermination Services? Here Are Ways To Tell

Dealing with a bedbug infestation in your home can be a stressful experience. When these pests enter your home, they'll hide where you cannot reach them. They are active at night as they come out and suck your blood, causing painful marks on your body. Detecting bedbugs can be difficult, so your infestation can get out of control. If you believe you have an infestation, here are warning signs you should seek bedbug extermination services. [Read More]