Get A Mouser To Get Rid Of Rodents For Good

If you are having problems with rodents around your house, you may not like the idea of laying out traps or figuring out which poison is the best choice for your home. There is an easier and more natural way for you to deal with your rodent problem. You can get yourself a good mouser cat. The mouser will get rid of the rodents and keep them from coming back. If you decide to get a kitten to raise as a mouser, you want to read the information in this article so you choose the right one.

Check For Termites Before You Move In

Moving into a new home should be an exciting time in your life until you start noticing signs of pest issues in the house. Pests problems are not only annoying, but they can lead to some dangerous and costly issues. Termites alone are responsible for causing around $5 billion in damages a year in the United States. While an inspection should help take care of this, not all inspectors are trained to identify pest problems.

Block Off Holes Inside Your House To Fight Mice This Spring

If you seem to have a mice problem every spring, be proactive about it this year. Do not just spring-cleaning, do some spring repair as well. Mice do not just walk in through your front door. They sneak in through any little open crack they can find. In order to keep the mice out this spring, you need to seal up your house. Inspect The Inside Of Your House The first thing you need to do is inspect the inside of your house for little holes.

Your Guide To Controlling Gnats In Your Bakery Displays

From freshly glazed donuts to sweet breads and muffins, the displays and showcases of your bakery are an all-out smorgasbord buffet for pests. While you may be able to control insects that try to make their way into your bakery displays on foot, controlling flying insects, such as gnats, is a totally different story. Even if your opening displays are only opened by employees, there is a good chance you will see gnats make their way inside faster than you can swat the critters away.

DIY Pest Control For Your Home

No matter the time of year, it seems like there are always pests trying to find their way into your home. It's no secret that professional pest control companies work wonders keeping most pesky critters at bay. However, if you are looking for easy, DIY ways to contain the worst offenders between visits from a company like Xtermco Inc, try using the methods listed below! House Flies Flies may be one of the most annoying insects you'll come across in your lifetime.

Mouse In The House? Rodent Control Methods That Work

If you have noticed mouse droppings or an occasional critter scampering by during nighttime hours, you may be concerned about a lair of mice living within your walls. There are several ways to remove mice from the home and keep them out after the problem has been resolved. Here are some rodent control methods you can use in your own home. Keep Things Clean It is important to keep your living quarters free of crumbs and other debris.

How To Remove Bedbugs From Your Carpet

If bedbugs only infested your bed, that would make cleanup a lot easier. Unfortunately, to thoroughly remove bedbugs from your house, you need to clean everything from your furniture to your walls to your floor. If you have carpets in your home or apartment, this can make the cleaning process tricky; it's hard to get inside the carpet to make sure all the bugs are removed. However, you don't need industrial-grade equipment to do a proper job.

Enemy Attack: Using Pests' Natural Enemies To Eliminate Them

Farms have lots of cats because cats take care of the dozens of mice and other rodents that cause problems for farmers. It has been a natural form of pest control for centuries. If you are queasy and uneasy about using pesticides, lethal traps and poisons to eliminate your pest problem, consider using their natural enemies instead. Aphids Overrunning Your Garden Ladybug beetles are not only colorful and cute, but they love a good meal of aphids.